Pubg lite high damage config file download

Pubg lite high damage config file download

Musketeers, do you know what's Pubg Lite Config High Damage or Headshot, also I want to tell you that a Pubg lite High damage config hack file is a script file created by an inventor hacker which is fully high damaged by modifying the hacker coding. 

 Or make an Aimbot config hack file and also vend that config online, after that numerous players buy the config file and partake it on youtube or a website. 

After this, everyone is suitable to use this config in their phone, but the game lags a bit with this config because you have to have at least 3 GB RAM phone to run the whole file. But you don't horrify because there's such a law inside it that also solves your phone pause problem, that is why they use this config file veritably big YouTuber so that they can also get High Damage or Aimbot Hack and can kill the adversary snappily.

Pubg lite High Damage Hack Config file Features

By using PUBG Lite High damage Hack Config, I'll give you complete information about what benefits you'll get, by the way, when you use the config, your experience of playing the game will increase and also your headshot rate will come veritably high and your name will be yours.

There will be more among musketeers. By the way, if seen, it has a lot of benefits and you don't indeed get wearied playing the game.

  • Auto Headshot
  • No Recoil / 0 recoil
  • Aimbot
  • High Damage hack
  • Fast Kill
  • No Ban
  • Long-range
  • direct kill

Pubg lite High Damage Config file Download

You must have seen that a person knocks you from 300 to 500 measures down, that too fluently and you get into the allowing man, how can this be.

Also, musketeers similar people use Pubg lite zero recoil config file, due to which If you guys get knocked also let's go to give you people too high damage 0 recoil or No Recoil file which will give good experience in your game and works in both0.22.0 and newer interpretation like 0.23.0.

Download Now

How to use Pubg Lite High Damage Config File?

Pubg lite high damage aimbot hack config file will help you to improve your aiming and reduce the recoil. Here are the steps to apply the Only High damage config hack file in pubg mobile lite.

  1. Download the Pubg lite High damage Config file from the above download link.
  2. Then extract the zip file using the archiver app available on the play store - here
  3. then Copy all the extracted files from the zip file.
  4.  Then paste all file in this location - Android > Data > tencent lite > files > UE4Game > Shadow tracker > Shadow tracker Extra > Saved > Config.
  5. Now, Close the apk and restart the pubg lite.
  6. After open pubg lite and you will see high damage file is applied successfully.


So, In this article, I have shared about the Pubg lite high damage config file and aimbot hack file.


My name is rishab singh. I am student of Computer Science and love web development and programming.

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