BGMI India series eSports tournaments 2022.

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This time I am back with some literally sizzling hot news for all the eSport's lover out there.

We all very well know that most of the action packed game based companies like Krafton, Activision, Garena, Epic games etc regularly organises eSports tournaments to pump up their hype in this gaming industry. One such tournaments is being organised by the BGMI(Battleground mobile India) or we can say organised by Krafton and sponsored by IQOO - a smartphone brand for the last year. The good news is that they are back with this tournament again this year so to know all about this tournament just keep on scrolling🔻.


IQOO pro-series BGMI tournament 2022.


Online qualifiers : 19 may 2022 to 2 June 2022

Grand finals : 9 june 2022 to 12 june 2022.


For all the players participating in this tournament a total of 1024 squads will qualify for the online qualifiers.

In-game qualifiers
1024 qualifies
Online qualifiers
64 qualifies
Quarter finals
24 qualifies
16 - qualifies
Grand finale.
One grand champion.

All the 24 qualifiers in the quarter-finals will then compete in a round-robin format for the semi-finals and then 16 qualifiers of semi-finals will continue in the same format to be the grand champion.

Prize money and distribution. (In INR)

The prize pool for this tournament is of whopping 2,00,00,000 Rs.

  • First prize :- 75,00,000
  • Second prize :- 35,00,000
  • Third prize :- 20,00,000
  • Fourth prize :- 10,00,000
  • Fifth prize :- 9,00,000
  • Sixth prize :- 7,50,000
  • Seventh prize :- 5,00,000
  • Eighth prize :- 4,00,000
  • Ninth prize :- 3,00,000
  • Tenth prize :- 2,50,000
  • Eleventh prize :- 2,25,000
  • Twelfth prize :- 2,00,000
  • Thirteenth prize :- 1,75,000
  • Fourteenth prize :- 1,50,000
  • Fifteenth prize :- 1,25,000
  • Sixteenth prize :- 1,00,000

All the sixteen qualifiers of the semi final round will recieve a prize money but the grand champion will receive mind-boggling prize money of Rs 75,00,000.

Instead of all these prize money the company has decided to award squads on the basis of their in-match performances.

  • MVP - 2,50,000
  • Most finishes - 2,00,000
  • Lone survivor - 1,00,000 
  • Rampage - 1,00,000

Players are on fire, completely ready to tackle their enemies. The matches are being live-streamed on the BGMI's official YouTube channel and the hype is really great this time.


This year the leaderboard is currently being topped by Aztec eSports with a total of 28 points for the leaderboards you can refer to the following photograph


1. Players are not allowed to participate in more than one squad.

2. It is a smartphone-only tournament. PCs and gaming consoles are not allowed.

3. Players must be on level 15 or above and should be platinum V tier level BGMI players.

For more rules and regulations you can refer to the link provided below 👇.


The hype of eSports is increasing eventually. People are looking for an actual professional career in gaming.

The Gen - Z people are actually obsessed with such kinds of games. Game producers are providing such opportunities to people and these kinds of tournaments set a perfect example for that. Hoping for a better future in the gaming industry and thank you for spending your time over scrolling my blog.

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